Final for Theories and Histories of Graphic Design, December 2023
Adobe Illustrator, paper, double sided tape

The core of Theories and Histories of Graphic Design was a semester-long research paper and a design exploration to accompany it. I wrote my research paper on decolonizing design, specifically on the revitatalization of Indigenous languages through typography. To accompany my paper, I created a set of playing cards that highlight 26 non-white designers. Each card contains the designers name, their website, an image of their work, and a short blurb about them. The deck aims to put the decolonization of design into practice. It is both an educational resource about non-white designers and also a method of introducing joy into the decolonization process. The deck uses the font Obvia, designed by Marconi Lima. Lima founded Typefolio, an independent Brazilian typefoundry, to offer high-quality typographical projects to the international market. Visit to see more of their work.